Administrative Messages

Ruth Pfau College of Life Sciences

Administrative Messages

Chief Executive Officer

Prof. Javaid Asgher M.D.

It is a great pleasure to announce the establishment of Ruth Pfau College of Life Sciences (A Project of LMDC) as an acknowledgement of selfless services of Dr. Ruth Katherina Martha Pfau (1929 -2017), a German-born Pakistani physician who dedicated her life for Leprosy eradication in Pakistan and known as ‘Mother Teresa of Pakistan’.

At Ruth Pfau College of Life Sciences (RCLS) our mission is to provide an encouraging environment for academic excellence to offer cutting edge, interdisciplinary courses in Life Sciences. Besides, modern infrastructure, state of the art Laboratories and contemporary academic programs, we provide excellence innovative industrial research with a futuristic vision. To contribute and excel in the promising field of biotechnology the program is designed to comprehend scientific challenges employing advanced technologies to serve our homeland and humanity.

Chief Operating Officer

Prof. Shaheena Asif

I am glad to write this message for prospective students of Ruth Pfau College of Life Sciences (RCLS), this is an exciting time for Life Sciences, as a contemporary frontier science with methodological, advanced technologies and significant potential for the betterment of quality of life.

We aim to create an environment that fosters implementation of essential innovative biotechnology techniques for the complex and mysterious phenomena of life.

Our faculty is committed to ensuring excellence in academic education, modern infrastructure of the state of the art equipment and technologically advanced laboratories and air-conditioned lecture theatres provides excellent environment to preparing future leaders.

I am confident; this Biotechnology program will provide basis for the industrial and entrepreneurship opportunities for the students to strengthen the concept of a knowledge-based economy in Pakistan

Project Director

Dr. Naeem Mubarak

Valued students, a heartfelt welcome at Ruth Pfau College of Life Sciences (RCLS), where learning, is the way of life.

I am of the complete insight that at the beginning of your academic career, with a sanguine attitude, each one of you has joined this great institute with millions of dreams in the twinkling eyes. My role as Project Director is to motivate every one of you on the path of your dreams where you can uptrend your caliber competence and of course professional skills with our absolute support. Our interdisciplinary program is an interactive community of faculty and students with interests in diverse areas of biotechnology. The designed curriculum considers the needs of a diverse set of students, a strong foundation in basic biotechnology, with modular courses taught each year addressing specific areas of basic and  applied biotechnology.

Opportunities for professional development and ethics training are also essential part of the curriculum. The value added, seminar series would allow students to explore the interdisciplinary-transdisciplinary nature of biotechnology research by inviting external speakers. The scope of Biotechnological research would play a vital role in the economic growth of the country and is vast as it continues to grow. Our research would be focused to addresses significant issues in the areas of industrial and health biotechnology, agriculture, genetic engineering, medical diagnosis and proteomic and genomics.

I am immensely happy to be associated with this institution and wish that students may kindle their potential, knowledge and skills, for the best utilization in their future career. Rest assured, you will not be alone but consistently guided throughout your four years at RCLS in my capacity of project director of the institute.

Vice Principal

Dr. Ammarah Hasnain

Ruth Pfau College of Life Sciences (RCLS) provides a dynamic learning environment with a strong emphasis on the quality of education. Students are supported by the highly committed faculty and caring staff. The faculty aims to equip students with the basic as well as advanced knowledge based on the current trends and cutting-edge techniques of the contemporary research.

RCLS vision is to inculcate the basic and applied knowledge in the students to make them able to keep pace with ongoing scientific advancements at national and international level. To realize this vision, RCLS offers latest courses in the area of Biotechnology. The emerging trend of Biotechnology has an immense scope in different fields including health, agriculture, microbiology, bioremediation, energy production, food processing, and forensics, etc.

The institute offers a prudently designed blend of theory along with practice which incorporates class room learning with immense experiential learning. With a strong emphasis on the development of inter-personal skills in the students, we take pride in focusing on personal grooming, citizenship behavior and professional ethics. In an effort to practice this holistic approach, our torch-bearers of knowledge, experience and skills will be able to lead on the front for the well-being of the society. The current challenges of this multipolar world, where the continuous flow of innovations and ideas takes place, can only be met by the leaders representing not only their institution but their motherland! RCLS pledges to turn our graduates into leaders.

I invite you on the behalf of my faculty and staff to join RCLS considering it your Alma Mater. I believe that this valuable journey of learning will sharpen your skills and open new avenues of opportunities of this world. We all are looking forward to welcoming you at our platform.

Ruth Pfau College of Life Sciences 2022 | A project of LMDC